The (Potential) Digital Revolution of the NBA

Image Credit: TJ Dragotta via Unsplash
Image Credit: Adam Bouse via Unsplash

The Live Stadium Effect Solution

If there has been a silver lining to all of the chaos around COVID-19, it is that the resourcefulness of the human race cannot be denied. Many companies have transitioned to a work from home model that has leveraged the use of various video conferencing technologies from companies like Zoom, Microsoft, and Google. These companies have also provided excellent chat platforms to keep teams and companies connected to one another in a time of self isolation. What if it was possible to leverage this capability into the arena for NBA games?

Image Credit: Peter Osmenda via Unsplash

The Digital Future Path

The NBA has a reputation of being the league that makes the steps to be a trailblazer. In many respects, they are the beta tester of sports leagues. This is partly due to the leagues younger demographic as compared to Major League Baseball and the NFL. The league was really the first to embrace social media and has built its brand by empowering its stars, something that baseball has really struggled with by comparison. As such, it is only right that it is this league that will be in the position to drive forward the next step of innovation in live sports as a result of the current situation.

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