The iPhone 14 Plus: Big Screen, Carrier Darling

Omar Zahran
7 min readSep 17, 2022

Apple has a new iPhone, that is bigger than last year but that is where the differences lie. A phone that will sell amazingly well regardless of how disappointing it is

Years ago, I worked at a few wireless carrier stores. This was in the mid-2010s when screen sizes were ballooning. While this was happening, I noticed an interesting trend regarding consumer behavior. The size of the screen became the primary objective for many buyers, mainly due to the increase in watching video content on smartphones. When I was working for Cricket Wireless, there are three phones that I remember selling a lot of only because they came with big displays. Those devices were the LG Stylo 2, Nokia Lumia 1320, and ZTE Grand X Max. All of these devices came with massive (at the time) 6-inch displays and people were buying them for that reason alone.

As we fast forward to today and Apple has announced a few new phones, one sticks out to me in particular. The company has decided to pivot from offering a compact phone in the iPhone 13 Mini to a jumbo-sized phone in the iPhone 14 Plus. The reasoning for this is clear: people love big screens and no one wants a compact phone anymore. For all the tech bloggers preaching the gospel of one-handed use and the existence of the Galaxy Z Flip as a compromise, people just love big-screen phones at a reduced cost. The iPhone 14 Plus is that phone and will likely be the top-selling iPhone at most carrier stores when it is all said and done.

People Love Big Screens

Think for a moment about how people use their phones these days. Social media apps have pivoted to video-first strategies to combat the success of Tik Tok. YouTube’s popularity has continued to soar in recent years, and streaming apps often tout the ability to watch shows and movies while on the go. These are use cases and experiences that thrive and depend on more screen real estate being available.

Additionally, there has been a normalization of the large display. Years ago, when Samsung first introduced the Galaxy Note there was something so divisive and intriguing about a massive…