Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers, and the Divorce That Needed to Happen

Omar Zahran
6 min readApr 29, 2023

As the quarterback heads to New York, he starts fresh but also can’t escape the links of the past

This week the trade that we all knew was coming finally happened. The Green Bay Packers traded their franchise quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, to the New York Jets for a small collection of draft picks. The Packers now get to hit the reset button with their first-round pick from the 2020 NFL Draft, Jordan Love. They are now entering a world of the unknown, hoping that Love can fill the shoes of the two legends that preceded him: Rodgers and Brett Favre. As for Rodgers, he gets the divorce he’s been seeking for a while. As Rodgers aims for short-term glory and validation, the Packers are playing the long game. It is hard to look at the end of this marriage as anything other than disappointing, however.

Two Faces, Thirty-One Years

It is often remarked that the lack of coach turnover for the Pittsburgh Steelers is something to be admired. In the Super Bowl era, the Steelers have had three head coaches: Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin. When it comes to quarterback play, the Packers have had a similar string of consistency. Since 1992, the Packers have had two quarterbacks: Favre and Rodgers. Both of these players are widely considered to be in the top 10 of players at the position, of all-time.

In that time, the Packers have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success. Since 1992, the team is second in regular season wins behind only the New England Patriots. In those 31 years, the Packers have only had five losing seasons and won their division 15 times. In terms of regular-season play, they have simply been dominant. And yet, in that time all that regular season success has not translated into Super Bowl wins in the way you would expect.

In those 31 years, the Packers have been to three Super Bowls and won two of them. For reference, other teams that have had three appearances as well are the Seahawks, the Cowboys (all during the Troy Aikman era), and the Chiefs (all during the Patrick Mahomes era). The Packers had…